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Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby ^_^ (part 2)

                                                           'ok, can come now'
a text message that i received from mama....

actually I was waitin for d q from mama to bring him home...cuz me & mama da plan na bwat party kecik2 fo my hubby...
d rest of our family member were already at home waitin fo us....
half way to d house i asked him to tie a bandana across his eyes... suprise kononnye...
saje jee na bg suspense...
sampai rumah gelap gelita da....hehe...

bukak jee pintu

hehehe...tersipu2 cik abg tu...segan katenye...tapena org bwat...
cake tu homemade taw!

Happy Birthday sayang
thank you for bein such a gr8 company to me.....
i've surrender my heart to u ever since u said d 'akad'
i will always love u, care for u & need u...
stay sweet & cute 4ever oukayh :)

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