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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Contest Gadis Berpurdah by Cik Tomato

hye korang, oukayh since d lame ta join mane2 contest so 2day na join contest yg super easy neyh...
rasenye korang da bleyh agak kan contest ap neyh?
well, its a FACE-VAIL Contest!!!

as usual mcm any other contest mesty ad syarat-syarat dye kan? so cekidout

1. kena larh jd follower Cik tomato
2. buat 1 entry ringkas about this contest. tajuk entry mesty larh 'Contest Gadis     
    Berpurdah by Cik Tomato'.
3. letak banner kat atas tuuu... pastu link skaly oke!
4. then letak 1 pic korang yg berpurdah... alarh yg macam org arab slalu bt tuuu....yg 
    nampak mata jee tuu...
5. bleyh edit or original pic..
6. tag 5 org bloggers & make sure dorang tahu...
7. da siap? tinggalkan link kt comment or shoutbox...
8. last but not least... LIKE page Cik Tomato kat SINI

oukayh so tiz is my pic...ta edit pown...mmg original

tag 5 orang bloggers gojes


  1. thanks for joining the contest yeahhh! :)

  2. Jom join contest saya :)

  3. salam kenal :)

    good luck ya dear? :)

  4. gud luck bebeh!!!hehhe..cntik mata


tq mucho! ^_^v