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Monday, October 3, 2011

my everyday product

 hye, teringin plak na share dgn korang about produk that i use....hehe....saje2 jela...nuthin special...if korang ad na share product yg korang gune....go ahead kayh...comment je kat entry neyh... : ) 

versi hitam putih....

oukayh so barang2 kat atas neyh is d recent products i'm using
according to its order

Olay moisturizing lotion (highly recommended)
Clean & Clear spf lotion
Silkygirl foundation
Elianto foundation
(for long hours i used both)
Avon simplypretty loose powder
Pixy compact powder
Aily's compact powder
(i used both)
M.A.C blusher
(pasar mlm brand)
Cosway eye shadow pallet
(jarang pakai cuz i dun lyke eye shadow much)
SilkyGirl liquid eyeliner(hard brush)/
 In2It liquid eyeliner (soft brush)
( for lower eyelid,easy to remove)
SilkyGirl Hi-Definition mascara
(i dun lyke lipstick but my lips sgt2 dry so kna jgk pkai vaseline neyh)
SilkyGirl SPICE perfume...


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