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Sunday, November 6, 2011

39 weeks 3 days

quite sometimes since I update my blog....
sorry : ) due to my condition so it's kind of difficult...
anyhow, I'm excited to tell u gurls & guys about something tht had just happened...

my lil sunshine... all of my family members were waitin for her arrival.... ouh! btw it's a beautiful Baby Girl!
her weight was 3.25kg with length of 49.5cm...very heavy & long...
but alhamdulillah I managed to deliver normally... but with d help of contractions started 2 days b4 but d path only opened 1cm means there's still long hours to go... the pain is too painful when its near2 to 10cm I've lost my energy due to the pain... so i asked for epidural... to just inject that needle at my backbones Allah knows how painful it is.....

2 days old... 

4 days old....

Dinah Nur Ibrahim
 the apple of my eyes, the sugar in my coffee, the flower in my garden...

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