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Sunday, November 6, 2011

I misyh that very moment of my life........
which moment?
all those moment I've had with few significant people in my life that time.....
who r these significant people?
theirs existence really turn my world upside down in & out all about......
I remember almost every single part of it...
those people.....
whoaaa! memories.....well, not every part is gud 1 but still it complete all of the chapter.....
few songs that describe me that time....

oukayh enuff for now...all these songs had given me a meaning to my life,my r/ship, my will, my feelings....


  1. tat cinta terlarang song is bout lesbo right? LOL! used to love tat song so bad! auw! if u noe what i mean

  2. dear anonymous wat makes u say that? wat do u mean??

  3. waa....the virgin, my fav song. cried when im listening to that song...~

  4. anonymous,use to be my fav song too.. but nw had to let go.... :(


tq mucho! ^_^v