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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Better plan

Good morning lovelies..... ^_^v
Thursday..... One more day then weekends......yuhuuuu!
Phew! Even if weekends doesnt mean tht I just lay down n sleep all day.... Gonna clean d house n do some laundry....cook for bfast,lunch n dinner....
Dulu masa anak dara mama always advice me to learn how to cook tp me is very the malas...heeeee~ now Alhamdulillah.... Boleh la masak sendiri w/o mama's supervising me... Dulu kalau  masak je mesti ' mama tolong rasa,pasni masuk apa?, betul ke ni ma?' haha...adoi kelakar ok....
Now mama dah tak larat nk masak so Im the one who took over the cooking part....

Allah always have better plan for us.. If we ask for smtg n HE didnt fulfill it means HE gt smtg better for u... But as normal human being... We always question.... Why HE never listen,Why HE always give others, Why not me.. Things like tht...
I'm one of em... But eventually HE will sort things out.... In Sha Allah...

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