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Thursday, April 11, 2013

a lil too long dream

Hello lovely people.. How r u doin lately?
I am so sorry for the long hiatus... seriusly I just can't steal any time to update
plus I am super tired these days... 6 hours of sleep is just not enough & I always find myself sleepy in the office... hubby is super understanding Alhamdulillah.. I'm blessed having a hubby like him...
He won't let me touch the laundry.. I only need to fold them...
MashaAllah... such a noble things to do... not every man is willing to do the laundry & hang them outside where people can see them... but sometimes I 'curi-curi" & do the laundry..hehe... pastu confirm kena marah... hehe

Due to my 'condition' lotsa things occured... I don't eat much these days... no appetite... I f I eat more than I should I'll feel like puking... the whole day!..yikes! not very pleasant... :'(
I just eat wat I want & need to eat..nothing extra...
my weight maintain the same... gosh, I hope to gain few kg...

Anyway, eversince the 'condition' I always dreamt of weird things... May Allah protect us from evil eyes...
Last night right I dreamt of a family... A mother. daughter & the daughter's two childrens.. One of the children is down syndrom & the other 1 is still small... so they went to this shoplots to buy food...
they bring along the 2 childrens... the poor child was not comfortable & keep on crying... The mother of the child got annoyed so she started screaming at her child... After awhile they went down to this one road.. & the mother & the daughter left both of the childrens there! on the street... mashaALLAH!
I think I cried in my dream... then of cuz the 2 poor child started crying bcuz it was raining & they were frezzing... & the mother of the childrens was just looking at them with no feelings....
I was so angry I woke up when hubby touched my face... looked at Dinah & kiss her...
even though I was just a dream but it seems so real to me...
how can they have the heart to do so...

phew! long dream huh? ok so back to work! bye!

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

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