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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Aleks bday

Salaam... yuhuu lovely...
actually this event was on sunday but only now i have the chance to update...
been bz with work & stuffs....
yesterday we went for lil bambam no 2...
for the very 1st time we went to gov clinic... will blog about that later in shaa Allah...
so on sunday there was a small celebration for my nephew's Aleks bday...
since mr hubs is not here so I went with mama & Dinah.... sobsobsob :'(
mr hubs went for a trip to cameron with his department at work..
so we reached around 11am... help a bit with this & that... & then the rest arrived... Dinah was so excited since all her cousins were there...

ze foods!
oolio spagetti
buffolo wing
cream caramel
cheese bar
chocolate fountain with lotsa fruits!

le choc fountain...lalalalal~

le fruits!

haha... mama siap dduk sebelah fountain oke...

see budak gemuk ni...

dpt jgk she minum this...

bersungguh2 wo sedut ^_^

le kids...nmpak tak kepala kat bawah tu?
dinh nur letu

mothers! omg i still cannot believe that I am a mom now..
old already...-_-''

me & my older sis.... we are the feb babies

& then its time for opening the gifts...
thats what me & hubs got for him...
look at dinah nur, sibuk je.... grrrr....

sibuk lagi

overall it was awesome... nice to get the chance to just hang out with my family...
usually we will be bz with work & family... so once in awhile... its just so cool...
we will be goin for holiday together! all together... how cool is that???

till then...

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