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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Father's day celebration

Hello people... well seems like everybody talking about it... we don't really celebrate but anyway Nandos member card gave us a voucher for father's day... so we decided to take mama, bcuz usually every month we will take mama out for lunch or dinner.. so here goes...

mommy & daddy lil cheeky princess

jealous much? I was taking hubs & mama's pic together then she was jealous so she....

pull daddy & force mommy to snap her pic with daddy...
haiyeeee so manja la u...

people want to order she pun 'sibuk'

excited sbb nampak food

mommy pun!!


bambam ni besar sgt dah tau.. bijak sgt...

olo olo, see that naughty face...

pose 1 with mommy...

pose duck face with mommy

our food! MashaAllah that was a lot! we didn't even need to eat dinner....

last but not least, gangsta pose from daddy & Dinah!

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