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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wednesday update

Salaam... Happy Wednesday ^_^v

I'm so sleepy uih... but last night we slept at 10pm....
reached home around 7pm bcuz of the traffic near kg baru... got accident or smtg...
nowadays I am very very tired, honestly no energy to do anytg at all... my routine would be go home, shower,cook(sometimes didnt cook), hang out watch tv, then sleep... usually after Dinah slept... But yesterday I quickly cooked, hubs requsted for porridge & ikan bilis... sore throat & feverish... kesian.. He over used his voice or smtg due to training... Dinah just woke up around 8pm, & at 9pm we went in the room... baring2 je,switch off all the lights.. Dinah was playing in the room, singing & calling daddy mommy & opah... HAHA! But we didn't let her out, instead let her stayed in the room & play...

After awhile hubs slept & Dinah came up to me & asked me not to sleep yet... I told her 'Holoh baby, mommy is very2 sleepy come mommy hug u & sleep yah?'... She just nod & lay down next to me... After awhile She slept... MashaAllah! this girl, u really make my day! I woke up at 4am to pee, but after that I can't sleep at all!! Haiyaaaa! So I online with my phone... Teeheee~

uish, counting days to my due date... nowaday no more nightmare but I would dream of old2 time... my high school days, my old crush... haih... not very nice dream...

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

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