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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday lite & easy :)

Its Thursay people! 1 more day then weekends! weeehuuuuu!
I really can't wait for the week to end, so I can just chill at home doin nothing or just leisuring around with Hubs & Dinah.. Haih! feel so old, weekends mesti spend for family. Rarely nk go out with friends or hang out alone. I need to spend as much as I can with them. Since weekdays we are busy working so at least we can spend 48hours with her. Not to say we are not tired, honestly it is very tiring but thats the price u have to pay once u have kids. to see them grow up in front of ur eyes is something so precious that I just don't want to miss. Now we are expecting our 2nd In Sha Allah. The more time we need to spend with Dinah. Nanti x psl2 merajuk plak. Hati anak2 ni halus cepat tersentuh. But my Dinah dah pandai dah, everytime mommy balik she will run to me & say 'kum(Assalammualaikum) baby' oloh2, cute sgt pandai anak mommy. & keep on reffering herself as 'kakak'. ^_^ Hopefully once baby dah kuar Dinah syg kt adik mcm tu smpai bila2 k? taknak gaduh2 taknak dengki2 dah nama pun adik beradik, In Shaa Allah mommy & daddy janji kami takkan beza2, no double standard. Ameen~

To those young mothers(yg dah nikah je eh), tak perlu takut if u pregnant. Memang kinda creepy bila u don't have any assurance that ur life will be better after. But don't forget Allah dah janjikan rezeki untuk setiap anak. Maka jangan stop doa, jangan puttus harap. Allah takkan uji hambaNya kalau dia thu hambaNya tak mampu nk tanggung. Don't be like me, I pernah putus harap pernah salahkan diri pernah menyesal pernah meratap. PERNAH! please don't ever, even if u break down & feel hopeless please dear just take wudhuk & pray. till ur heart feel at ease & calm. It is also good for the baby : ) In Sha Allah everything will be just fine. at least u will be able to handle it.

I wanted to share with u guys my current wishlist...ececece~
since ada anak2 ni, wah! ANAK2 ok... hehe... seronok eh feeling ada anak2...
mommy & daddy rarely sgt shop for our stuffs, especially daddy. Mostly expenses mmg brg2 anak2 & household stuffs & also bills.. huhuh~
so now saje la nak share our wishlist.... nak sedapkan hati..hehe~

1. Gadget
- Samsung Mega for mommy
- Nokia Lumia for daddy

2. handbags
- Balenciaga gred aa

3. Attire/ Shoes
- wedges for mommy
- boots for daddy
- office attire for daddy

HAHA! theres more actually but we need to be realistic right? for now gadget is what we both really need. Hubs phone will die suddenly & mine always hang I need to take the battery out again & again!! grrrrrrr~ Its been 1 year plus Im using the phone & as for hubs its been more than 3 years! can u believe that?? I cant stick to 1 gadget for long, always rosak... Mb I'm not a good owner ... : ( Hubs can use his phone for loooong time man! no kidding....
okie now gotta go, responsibility call...

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

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